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3.5e - Nápad na nový class- pômožte pls s vybalancovaním
začali sme s kamošmi hrávať DnD ale nenašiel som classu ktorá by mi sedela tak som sa rozhodol upraviť rangera aby vzniklo niečo podobné ako witch hunter z Warhammer online. Predpokladám, že keď hráte D&D angličtine rozumiete tak ak sa nenahneváte prekopírujem len môj príspevok z RPGG. (Samozrejme ak bude treba preložím a odpoviem na prípadné otázky)

Flintlocky som nahradil kušami z jedného dôvodu, že je reálnejšie nabiť 3 krát kušu za 6 sekúnd ako to isté spraviť s flintlockm.

Hey guys,
I started playing with my friends and found one difficulty for me. I wanted to play class that use combination of fast melee weapon and close range ranged weapon (hand crossbow suits best for this concept) Basically something like witch hunter(or inquisitor) from warhammer. Ranger was the closest core class and since i didn't find other class that suit this concept i tried to alter the ranger. But i am new to D&D although i read few rule books, familiar with rules and prestige classes thanks to PC games(neverwinter, icewind dale, baldur's gate...) so can u please help me balance this class. This class don't use companion or magic ... so here it is:

Avengers are organization that focus on exploring and killing various threats. These warrior don't know meaning of the word fear. Every enemy is new challenge to face. Avenger's life is full of travel as she seeks new challenges to face to further develop her skills. She is master of tracking and killing her prey from animal to human and monstrous creatures or even dragons.

Organization: Only the training of avengers is organized. After receiving it avenger wander the world and seek challenges to face good or evil there's no difference. Two avenger rarely work together but avenger can be seen in group with other characters.

Fightstyle: Avengers are masters of rapier and hand crossbow. Before a fight avenger study his prey it's weaknesses and habits. Altering crossbow bolts to gain advantage in battle. Sneak is important for avenengers life but in fight it's banned because avengers always face their prey directly.

(i know that this info isn't that great but some of thoughts are difficult to translate into english)

Alignment: Any neutral

Religion: Most avenger's are without religion relying solely on their skills. But some of them can worship St. Cuthbert or Olidammara.

Weapon proficiencies: All simple weapons,rapier and hand-crossbow , light and medium armor but no shields.

Class skills: Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft(weaponsmithing), Diplomacy, Escape artist, Forgery, Gather information, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge(Archit/Engi), Knowledge(dungeoneering), Knowledge(Geography), Knowledge(local), Knowledge(Nature), Listen, Move silently, Profession, Ride, Search, Spot, Survival, Swim, Use rope

(I tried to list skills that are needed to gather info and cope with challenges that avenger chooses. I don't know if craft(weaponsmith) can be used for altering bolts - only bolts , this include for example if he know he will face troll he will put small vials of acid into boltheads, and some basic explosives-to open door or also for boltheads and nothing else. Not sure about this so i would appreciate your help.More skills as ranger fever than bard )

HD: d8
Skill points on 1st lvl: (6+int.mod) x 4
Skill points on other lvls: 6 + int.mod
Gold: 6d4 x 10 (minimal 120 - hand xbow cost 100gp if i'm correct)

-bonuses and saving throws same as ranger
1st- 1st favored enemy, Way of avenger, Track
2nd- Precise shot
3rd- Endurance
5th- 2nd favored enemy
6th- Expert avenger
8th- Swift tracker
9th- Evasion
10th- 3rd favored enemy
11th- Avenger master
13th- Camouflage
15th- 4th favored enemy
17th- Hide in plain sight
20th- 5th favored enemy

(as you can see here this is main part taken from ranger. Through his training and life avenger gain knowledge of some enemy types that he feel like biggest challenge or his task to defeat. Let's move to special traits that i used above)
Way of avenger
You gain versatile combatant(from Drow of the Underdark) as bonus feat when wearing no or light armor

Expert Avenger
You've learned how to efficiently fight and use better armor. Hide armor is treated as light armor.When using light armor penalties are capped at (+6 dex bonus)(-1 armor check penalty)
You gain Improved versatile combatant as bonus feat when wearing no or light armor.(Basically improved two-weapon figthing but with hand xbow in offhand)

Avenger Master
You developed avenger instincts to maximum. You gain additional +1 attack roll bonus on both rapier and hand crossbow. You're treated as having Improved sunder feat but only with rapier and hand crossbow. You're instincts allow you to shoot at projectiles in air to stop or misdirect them if they were shot from 50ft or more. To do so you're roll must be higher than roll of the shooter.
You gain Greater versatile combatant as bonus feat when wearing no or light armor.(basically greater two-weapon fighting but with hand xbow in offhand)

(Writing imp. and greater versatile combatant would be too long. I chose this to gain ranger's two-weapon fighting style that will suit for avenger.)
To achieve reloading without AoO for enemy there is one equipment for avenger.

Avenger bolt loader
Simple device that can hold 5 hand-crossbow bolts and is fastened to belt. Reloading hand-crossbow using this loader doesn't cause attack of opportunity. Refilling loader takes full-round action.
Cost: 15gp
Weight: 1lb
-only available to avengers
(5 bolts are fastened next to each other so avenger can choose which one to load. Above each bolt there's a piece of metal that holds string as you push xbow down to load the bolt thus reloading the crossbow)

When somebody choose other class automatically lost all avenger feats(way of avenger, expert avenger, avenger master)-similar to paladins loss of powers. And with this avenger risk that he will be hunted down by other avengers (one of things where more avengers can be seen together) - choosing path of avenger is choosing path for life

Thank you guys.
If you made it this far thank you one more time it mean a lot to me. I guess that it's not that much balanced class (god i hope that i'm mistaken). If you have any suggestions how to choose something to be better please comment. And I'm very sorry for my bad english. I promise I'll do better next time.

PS. I know there's avenger class in d&d. this name feel right for me

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